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The Green Theatre

The Green Theatre was built in 1949. In the summer of the same year, the ceremonial opening of “Mežapark” took place here. A small stage was also built, which has not survived to this day. Celebrations, rallies, theater performances and sports competitions have taken place here. This tradition is continued also today, and the Green Theatre is perfect for hosting various types of outdoor concerts, festivals, celebrations, theater performances, sports activities, corporate and other events.

The Green Theatre is located in the central part of “Mežaparks” park territory, 10 minutes’ walk from the Mežaparks Grand Bandstand.

A factor of 1.5 is applied to the fee for lease of the premises after 10:00 PM. The preparation time is charged at 0.5 of the lease fee.

Venue Area,
Price, EUR
Price, EUR
with VAT
Green Theatre 13989 1 160.00 193.60
Green Theatre* 13989 24 2000.00 2420.00

*Premise lease factors do not apply to this service.

Regarding any enquiries about rent of our premises please contact the Culture Association of Northern Riga Director Liene Kubiļus, phone No.: +371 25488536, e-mail: ziemelriga@riga.lv.