Pāriet uz galveno saturu

Advertising in the Mežaparks great bandstand

Event organizers are welcome to advertise public events that take place in the Mežaparks great bandstandor on the territory through advertising spaces provided by the Place. Place, title, date and time of event must all be specified in the advert, and all advertising materials must comply with the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Latvia (https://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=163) and the Law on the State Language (https://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=14740).

We offer the following advertising opportunities:


Event posted on the event calendar of Mežaparks great bandstandat www.estrade.riga.lv  Information about the event is posted together with a link to the ticket service website, see https://estrade.riga.lv/pasakumi/  for examples. To add the event to the Repertoire section of the website, please e-mail the following information to kate.zaltane@riga.lv

  • visual, 800×600 (h) px;
  • title of event;
  • date, time, duration of event;
  • break/breaks planned;
  • description – no limit;
  • link to the ticket service website;
  • name and phone number of the Organizer;
  • link to YouTube video, if applicable.

The Palace website is updated within two days after the information is received.

A1 posters up to 3. Please submit the posters to the Information Center.

Booklet: Event Calendar of the Mežaparks great bandstandIssued 3 times per year, in each quarter. At least a month before each quarter or at least 4 months before the event date, please send the following information to ziemelriga@riga.lv

  • title of event;
  • date, time of event;
  • visual without text, at least 740 x 740px;
  • short description (up to 300 characters);
  • ticket service;
  • name of the Organizer.

Event posted at www.facebook.com  – Mežaparks great bandstanddoes not create and post Facebook events organized by external promoters, however the Palace adds a link to the event created by an external promoter on the Facebook page of the Palace. Please send the link to kate.zaltane@riga.lv or add the Facebook page as a co-host of the event.

The LOGO of the Mežaparks great bandstand is placed ONLY on adverts of events organized by the Palace, or as decided by the administration of the Palace on separate occasions. If other organizers of events wish to insert the logo of the Mežaparks great bandstandin their adverts, it is possible only with permission of the Director of the Palace Liene Kubiļus by sending an e-mail to liene.kubilus@riga.lv or Deputy Director Liena Bogatireviča by e-mail to liena.bogatirevica@riga.lv