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Seminar room (300 m²­)

  • The Mezaparks Grand Bandstand building features several seminar / conference rooms fit to accommodate up to 440 visitors at a time.
  • Up to 240 theatre chairs can be fitted within these premises.
  • Seminar room is located on the 3rd floor.
  • A factor of 1.5 is applied to the fee for lease of the premises after 10:00 PM. The preparation time is charged at 0.5 of the lease fee.
  • Usage of lighting and audio equipment is included in the lease fee.
Venue Area,
Price, EUR
Price, EUR
with VAT
Seminar room 300 1 140.00 169.40

Regarding any enquiries about rent of our premises please contact the Culture Association of Northern Riga Director Liene Kubiļus, phone No.: +371 25488536, e-mail: ziemelriga@riga.lv.